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An interview is more than a conversation with someone who wants to ask you questions. Any interview is an opportunity to tell your story and deliver your message. In order to do that you have to be prepared. MediaMentors Media Training will help you with the interview process, from start to finish, to create messages that matter.™

You will learn why to never say “no comment” and realize that “off the record” doesn’t really exist. Media interviews are most effective when controlled by the person being interviewed. MediaMentors will teach you to tell your story succinctly and how to steer/bridge to your key messages, even if the reporter wants to veer off-topic.

There are different types of media and you will learn the pros and cons of dealing with each. You will understand the differences communicating with print, television, radio or web reporters. Reporters also have their own styles and techniques, so you will learn to be prepared for many personalities.

MediaMentors Media Training can be focused on a specific campaign or interview, or general preparation for any media opportunities that might arise.

Workshop Examples:

  • Meet the Media 101
  • Meet the Press in 60 Minutes or Less
  • Mastering the Media Message

All training is customized and can be designed for individuals or small groups. Training can be conducted on site at your location. Contact us to discuss your needs, and create a customized solution for your media training.

Deliver Your Message with Confidence and Credibility

Let us empower you to deliver your unique message easily, efficiently and effectively.  From corporate events to a national platform, all coaching is specifically designed to meet your specific requirements. Contact us to learn how you can make a great impression.