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In today’s ever-changing, always connected, and often virtual business landscape, identifying your goals and effectively communicating your vision is essential to excelling as a leader. MediaMentors Founder Cindy Hoffman will work with you to create a unique program to strengthen your communication skills, upgrade your management techniques, and boost your executive presence.

Whether you are a seasoned pharmaceutical executive looking for new ways to engage your team in an online meeting, or a newly hired engineer ready to refine your messaging techniques, executive coaching is one of the most individually tailored approaches to improving your situational awareness and tackling big picture solutions. Throughout the process, you will work one-on-one with Cindy in virtual video or phone sessions to create a roadmap to improve your performance and achieve your professional objectives.

Cindy takes the opposite of a cookie-cutter approach. She goes beyond your resume and considers your whole background to create a trustworthy environment. Whether the focus is on running a productive meeting, providing feedback to employees, or dealing with difficult clients, the topics and sessions will be designed specifically for you. You can expect constructive advice and timely resolutions to get you or your company moving ahead.

Executive Coaching Services:
All services customized based on your needs

  • Boost presence virtually and in-person
  • Identify leadership and communication styles
  • Preparation and practice for media interviews
  • Developing and crafting presentations
  • Delivering presentations and speaking with confidence
  • Facilitating productive meetings and brainstorming sessions
  • Managing teams
  • Conducting effective performance reviews
  • Time management tools
  • Managing conflict
  • Guidance on providing feedback to employees
  • Advice on best practices for engaging with clients

Deliver Your Message with Confidence and Credibility

Let us empower you to deliver your unique message easily, efficiently and effectively.  From corporate events to a national platform, all coaching is specifically designed to meet your specific requirements. Contact us to learn how you can make a great impression.