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Make the Most of Your Messages

Make a Great Impression.™

Communication. It’s the life’s blood of business. It’s essential to any interaction. It represents a way to either get ahead, or be left behind. Why is communication so important, yet can be so difficult? A better question: how can you learn to communicate better, enhance your business, improve your interactions, or kick-start your career? The answer: we can help. MediaMentors offers the skills, experience, and information to help you learn to communicate more effectively. Whether you’re an athlete or entertainer, in the fields of hi-tech or finance, or involved in healthcare or pharmaceuticals, MediaMentors can help you make a great impression.

Professional Services

Communications Coaching

Speaking in public is near the top of the list of what most people fear. MediaMentors can show you how to conquer that fear, and help give presentations that pack a punch.

Learn the basics of how to present to any size group, create connections, and receive an enthusiastic response. MediaMentors can help you prepare for any communication situation, work on a specific presentation, and help you handle any obstacles you might encounter. (…more)

Media Training

An interview is more than a conversation with someone who wants to ask you questions. Any interview is an opportunity to tell your story and deliver your message. In order to do that you have to be prepared. MediaMentors Media Training will help you with the interview process, from start to finish, to create messages that matter.™

You will learn why to never say “no comment” and realize that “off the record” doesn’t really exist. (…more)

Leadership Development / Executive Coaching

In today’s ever-changing, always connected, and often virtual business landscape, identifying your goals and effectively communicating your vision is essential to excelling as a leader. MediaMentors Founder Cindy Hoffman will work with you to create a unique program to strengthen your communication skills, upgrade your management techniques, and boost your executive presence. (…more)

Social Media Training

Don’t be an open book.

Social Media is no longer a novelty nor an option. It’s a vital way to communicate with friends and family, and it should be an important way you reach your customers or potential employers. But the Internet is forever – post the wrong message and it can wreck a lot more than just your afternoon.

Let MediaMentors help you tell your social media story. (…more)

Focus Areas



Navigating the unsettled waters of healthcare communications is not for the faint of heart. ACA, ICD-10, HIPAA. CMS, FDA, ODAC. It’s an alphabet sea and an ocean of potential problems. MediaMentors is here to help. MediaMentors has more than twenty years experience in...

Hi-Tech | Finance

Hi-Tech | Finance

Finance and Technology Companies Every industry has its own language which can be intimidating and overwhelming for outsiders. In high-tech, there’s an alphabet soup of acronyms. In finance, there’s a forest of legalese and banking terms that seem opaque to the...

Athletes & Entertainers

Athletes & Entertainers

Using a celebrity or athlete as your spokesperson is often the most effective way to promote your brand and let your voice be heard in a crowded marketplace. In order to do that, your spokesperson must be well-trained in your brand, your company and how to get your...